How come a pack of hot dogs come in 10 and the buns only come in 8?
2006-01-23 21:59:37 UTC
How come a pack of hot dogs come in 10 and the buns only come in 8?
Ten answers:
2006-01-23 22:02:35 UTC
Because one hot dog will fall through the grill and get all yucky and another one is for sharing with the dog.
2006-01-23 22:01:41 UTC
its a conspiracy to make you buy 2 bags of buns!!!!!!!! And the only way you can have the same number of buns as you have hot dogs is to buy 5 bags of buns and 4 bags of hot dogs!!!!!
2006-01-23 22:08:39 UTC
because it looks good with a little bit of hot dog sticking out of a bun (lol)
2006-01-23 22:26:49 UTC
I agree with "to sell more buns" BUT, if you take two DOGS on a picnic with you they will be GLAD to take that problem off your hands! Funny how that works. Two dogs for two dogs. I would know.
2006-01-23 22:09:51 UTC
because the hotdog factory and the bun factory teamed up and decided to make us suffer...
2006-01-23 22:05:38 UTC
Tru ordering them for a stadium that seats 60,000 like I do and doing the math...
2006-01-23 22:01:37 UTC
Too funny..Sorry but I had to laugh..thats a good one..its incase you drop some ..They can get away from you sometimes..LOL
2006-01-23 22:13:35 UTC
What movie is this from.. I'm thinking Adam Sandler but I'm not sure.. hmm..
2006-01-23 22:01:07 UTC
so they can sell more buns
2006-01-24 11:07:51 UTC
dont know..but it mkaes me angry!

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