Where can I buy cheese cloth?
2006-03-07 00:10:01 UTC
Hi, there. I am in Troy, MI. Do you know where I can find cheese cloth. I have been shopping around for a long time, but I failed to find one. Thanks in advance.
Four answers:
2006-03-07 05:00:16 UTC
Your local grocery stores. But if you can't find a package of cheese cloth try this; take a coffee filter and put it in colandar or strainer and pour your sauce into it. It takes a while but works in a pinch.
2016-05-20 12:41:57 UTC
No this is not the correct meathod, sorry. You boil the bones freely in the water for a couple of hours with roughly chopped, celery, carrots and onions. Skimm the foam off the topp whenever it arises, then when ready pour through a strainer lined with cheese cloth into a container. This will lead to a clear stock that tastes delicious.Oh and you can find cheese cloth at your grocery store, just ask the clerk.
2006-03-07 00:20:24 UTC
Walmart. anyways I think they have it if not I'd go to Hobby Lobby craft store.
2006-03-07 03:57:27 UTC
Check your larger grocery stores, they will have it in the aisle with the baking suppiles...

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